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This story originally appeared on
Nifty Erotic Archives. It is republished
by permission from "Man Loving"

Big Brother Knows Best

For me, there's nothing better than anal sex and passionate love between men. I've learned this and more from my older brother Skip.

Skip's not the jock of jocks, he's kind of plain which throws a lot of people off in figuring out what he's like and what he likes. They expect him to be quiet and looking for some other quiet girl but that's not what he's into. I can say that Skip is queer as a goat, and his dick ain't never gotten hard for any pussy other than what's between another man's buns.

I remember the first time I realized that men mated together. My best friend Rhett and me were inline-skating through part of Rooks Park one spring evening on our way from school.

"Hey, isn't that Skip's truck over there?" Rhett pointed to the gray Toyota pick-up with dark tinted windows in the cab and for the canopy.

It did look like Skip's truck from a distance. We got closer and I saw the "Boy" painted over where "Toyota" had been sanded away. "Yea, that's Skip." I said, curious of what he might be up to at the park. I didn't know anything about Skip's sex life up to now. I thought he might be jogging around or just riding his bike. "Let's see if we can find him." I said thinking only of shooting the breeze for a bit before heading home.

Rhett and I skated around the lake, and followed some side roads around the rock climb, pet trail and tennis courts but still didn't see him. "Maybe we missed him and he's in the john over there." I looked in the direction just beyond the parking lot to a small stone building about a hundred feet away in the trees. "He can't be in there, not for all that time. This park's too big, we'd never find him here on skates. Let's go home." "I gotta pee first." said Rhett.

So we skated over to the building and I waited outside. Soon Rhett returned and said, that no one was in there. "I told you he wouldn't be," I said, "let's get out of here." We headed out of the parking lot, but I was too curious to leave it alone. I can't explain it other than, I was frustrated that Skip was doing something that I didn't know about and probably having fun. I still didn't think of sex. We were long out of sight of the truck when I thought, "I'm going back to look in his truck, what if something is wrong?" I told Rhett to stay there and would be right back. I just had to make sure that everything was okay.

I thought that if someone stole the truck and saw me skating toward it, they'd take off in a hurry. So I got off the road and skate-walked behind trees and bushes. I was just a couple of feet away now and was listening closely to make sure that I was quiet when I heard a moan. I thought I saw the truck sway, but almost frozen in my place. Wild thoughts flashed through my mind of Skip kidnapped, bound and gagged, in his truck. It happened again, the moan, the swaying and I dashed forward. I had to know.

No one was in the cabin of the truck, so I hurried to look in the canopied truck-bed. My face was pressed up on the tinted glass and my heart was racing as I saw a form move. Yes, something was there and when I finally could focus on and comprehend what I saw, I could hardly believe it! Before my very eyes was my brother and another upperclassman, Earl Jeffries - a muscle head if there ever was one.

Earl was on all fours, his back arched and his head resting on his folded forearms while his ass was high in the air. Skip apparently had his mouth on Earls ass hole as Skips face was jammed up so close in between the cheeks. Earl was undulating, his back arching up then down as he wiggled his ass on my brother's face. His mouth was open and I hear the moans again. "Oh, Skip baby, suck my hole!"

It was clear that they'd been at it for a while. I could feel the stuffy heat from the inside of the truck as I stood just outside. Skip leaned back in a kneeling position and reached both hands into the crack of Earl's butt. He spat heavily into the ditch and dug four fingers into his hole to pull it open. I could see that it actually did open and Earl wasn't in any pain. "The fuckers," I thought, "they've been doing each other before. Fags!" I didn't mean anything evil by saying that otherwise derogatory word. I was jealous and it was getting the best of me. My brother was getting pussy, and Earl was giving it while no one had ever suspected a thing. And above all, I realized that I too wanted that kind of pussy - where would I get it, and who would give it to me!

My thoughts were interrupted. "Mmm, my own bitch, and she's a man", I heard my brother say after he'd pulled his lips and tongue out of the open hole. Earl's response to that was to hike his ass higher in the air by dropping his chest to the bed of the truck, spreading his legs further apart and singing a song of "Ooh, ooh, mmm's...." It was obscene but at the same time, wildly passionate. My poor heart was pounding away, my mind unable to believe what my eyes and ears were seeing and hearing.

"Stick it in, man." Earl cooed. Shit, what was this, was my brother Skip this guys' "man"? He sounded like he was Skips girl or something, like Skip knew his place was to fuck Earl and it was all natural just like any man and woman fucking each other.

Yes, I was both jealous and crazy with desire. I thought of them as cowards, they were 'bitch' and 'stud' in private, sneaking around and stuff, but they weren't "man" enough to own up to who they really were in public. Then I thought again, maybe Earl really loved my brother and my brother really loved him they just had to beat the social rules imposed on them even if it meant mating in secret. The heterosexist public would get what they wanted and two guys like Skip and Earl could get what they wanted.

My cock was so hard from looking at those two, I could hardly stand it. I turned just as Skip was positioning himself to "stick 'IT' into" Earl. Trying as fast and quietly as possible to get away from the scene. Their raw and lusty passion toward each other was frightening! But strangely I was attracted by their raw passion?

I was nearly out of breath when I met back up with Rhett. "What happened man?" Rhett probed. "Oh god, nothing man, let's get out of here." I said shaking my head passing Rhett as he stood there. "Something happened, what happened Brian?" He was skating with me now as we headed for our neighborhood. "Please, I'll tell you later, it's too weird." A storm had been kindled in me and I just couldn't handle my friend's curiosity right then. I had to talk to Skip first.

Later that night, as we'd finished our homework and were watching T.V. in our bedroom I asked Skip for the second time since getting home, how his day had been. He said "it was great" as he'd said before, going off into some mumbo about school. "Rhett and I were skating through Rooks today and thought we say your truck." I mentioned as casually as I could. Skip looked at me and we made eye contact. I had to say it, I couldn't let him slip out of it. I knew his mind was working to make up some story about either studying with one of a number of plain-looking nerd friends of his or being roughed-up by some jocks from school.

"Skip, you were there with Earl Jeffries." I said, in a tone conveying that I was taking control of the conversation and that his secret was no longer a secret. "You guys are unbelievable, I can't believe you two go for that stuff man, and with each other!"

Skip tried to jump in, "Look Brian, what I do is my business...". But I continued.

"You like him the way guys like a girls". The thought ping-ponged through my mind. I was still jealous and terrified. Jealous that my brother had discovered this, liked it and enjoyed it with Earl who liked giving himself to Skip. I was terrified that I would never experience what they both enjoyed. "Skip, I'm scared man. I saw you and Earl doing it, and it's crazy, but it's like I have to experience that. Fucking a guy."

"You're right Bri," Skip said. "Earl is like my girl but what we have is more than *just* fucking." I was slipping deeper into astonishment and discovery. He continued, "It isn't wrong Bri. Earl and I have liked guys since our earliest memories. We've tried not to, but it's just the way things are, we're buddies, I'm his man and he's mine. If you're straight, that's good. You should not feel threatened by who I am and what I like. I'm still Skip, your big brother, and I'm your friend."

I hurried to continue the conversation. "Skip, I think I might be bisexual." I said. "Seeing Earl love you with his ass was one of the hottest things I've imagined, even more than the horny girl's I've had.

What if I'm gay, I don't want to be alone! I want to have my 'Earl'." We were locked in eye-contact. All the secret desires were out. Skip could understand me, because he understood himself. And most importantly, he could help me understand and accept myself. We talked late into the night.

Later that week I met Earl in person, after they both had talked it over. I kind of enjoyed teasing Earl about my brother being his "man" and he being my brother's "girl." He teased me about being horny for another dude, and it actually made me excited. I wanted to take care of a guy just like Skip took care of him as manly as he himself was and as "plain-Joe" as Skip was. Their relationship was good for both of them.

I did finally tell Rhett what happened in the park, after I cleared it with my bro and Earl, and found out Rhett was doing it both ways with a couple of other guys at school. I could only imagine how much sperm those guys had been shooting into each other while I was oblivious to the action around me.

I'm technically bisexual as I think most of humanity is, but I'm glad I saw my brother and Earl mating in the park that day. Otherwise the last three years since starting college might never have been so good. Just ask Rhett, my 'man-wife', 'bitch' etc. all the names he craves hearing when we're making love. I'm his 'bull', and 'husband' and it drives me crazy with lust for him.

We didn't finish college right away and got a little in debt setting up house. Fortunately we don't have kids, but we -- like Skip and his husband Earl -- do try to help out our parents or struggling sister as she's a single mom. We all get together at Skip and Earl's house or our house for holidays or just family time on summer evenings. It's the way things should be.

Some bi's don't settle down, others choose to settle with the opposite sex, and even more of us choose spouses of our own sex. Considering the shit we get from society, the covenant Rhett and I have in heart, mind and body is just as beautiful as, if not stronger than the union between a man and a woman.

It's love, man!