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Boyfriend Jim

By Malesex98

"He's so cute and shy, he's a little bit feminine too, like he's part girl!" Jim thought as he saw the cute short guy who'd been catching his attention the past few weeks at school. A creature that could be boy and girl in one turned Jim on.

Jim was a wrestler at County High School, 5'9" and 157 pounds. He could get any girl on campus but could care less. Seemed that there were no other guys like him, guys who loved feminine or shy guys. They aroused Jim like nothing else.

Jim put on his best smile as he got closer to the little guy. He stopped close to the guy and slipped the note he had prepared (with tape on it) onto the school books the guy held close to himself as he weaved through the packed school hallways.

"You're cute." was what it read. The little guy blushed, and Jim smiled from his vantage-point on the side of the hallway where he's gone just so he could see what the little guy did when he read the note.

Jim's sexual excitement swelled. He wanted the little guy as his girlfriend. He wanted to hold him and protect him and love him as he'd never been loved before.

Jim went home that day, dreaming about the cute guy. He thought about holding the little guy in his arms, feeling him breath in his hold. He imagined what the sweet sissy's eyes would look like right up close to his face as he kissed him and probed his mouth with his tounge. Jim longed to make that guy into a girl but not really just a girl. He wanted the guy to still be a guy, just do girl things for him sexually.

Jim came all over his naked stomach thinking how nice it would be to have a male-girlfriend, somone who would be there for him, not just for sex, but to listen to him, encourage him, hold him and stand by him, a guy who would really be his girlfriend.