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m a n w i f e

A little bit about why we are interested in and created this family and community-building group called "Manwife".

Manwife is based on the belief that some biological males have more than just male feelings and desires. While these guys have feelings and desires (such as nurturing) commonly thought to only belong to women/females, they often aren't the caricatures of females as expressed among some gay men. These guys might be a buddy next to you who seems like he might go for females. He might even be a professional, athlete or working class and hate housework.

Manwife is based on the belief that guys can be attracted to and love each other because of their different but complimentary characteristics similar to male-female relationships. This is enjoyed without the need to be physically or biologically different. The difference is in the mind... the actual thoughts and feelings as well as the role games that spice up the love and sex life between two guys.

Manwife is NOT a group about guys wearing wigs or women's clothes, or of having sex-changes, although any of those things are find for people into that, we aren't. Also, it should be clear that not all man-wives are the same. Just like biological females, some might be more 'feminine' while others are more 'masculine', some are more aggressive while others might be more submissive.

If either or both of these roles describes you, you may find our lists worth joining:

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